POPUP SPYWARE BLOCKER Box will not go away now?

Question by Betsy k: POPUP SPYWARE BLOCKER Box will not go away now?
This popup said that it detected Spyware on my dad’s computer, and he made the mistake of clicking on it.
It said it was cleaning out his spyware files.
You know the kind of junk I am talking about? We have all had this happen.

Anyway, how can he make the box go away now? It seems to have installed itself. He says it is there all the time even after restarting his computer & uninstalling some spyware programs he found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by vahab m
99.9% it is a spyware.

0.1% you computer is messing up.

scan your computer with an anti_virus program and see if it finds anything. if so delete it imediately.

If it didnt work find an anti_spware/ spyware remover.
scan the pc and delete anything it finds.

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Anybody know a good free virus/spyware remover ?

Question by Stefan M: Anybody know a good free virus/spyware remover ?
I really can’t afford a good virus remover , and im sure my parents cant either. I need to know a good free virus and spyware remover .

My computers telling me I have all these viruses and problems and it keeps freezing up and most of my programs keep crashing when I run them .

Its getting irritating and something need to be done.
Any help would be appreciated , thanks .
Cute, free man.
I dont do that, there are other people that use this computer too.

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Answer by Ryan Lancaster
AVG Virus and Spyware software is a good free one.

I think it’s the best one out!

Google AVG free.

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Question by Billy: How reliable is anti virus software in this day and age?
Even with all these top anti virus software people still get viruses: so how is it helping ?

Best answer:

Answer by Glenn
NB: You cannot get viruses by being connec ted to the net, you would have to enter a malicious site or having a program which downloads random stuff from the internet

Well, People get viruses from not using common sense, acessing sites like gramghadu.cn and stuff. Common sense on the internet is needed, I will now paste a big chunk off text i’ve written, it is highly recommended you consider programs listed, + sandbox makes it basically impossible for viruses to acess your PC as long as you download program or acess sites with the sandbox running

They do not take time to give you comprehensive answers :). read this and decide yourself!

IF you would not like to read this :), scroll down to the programs I listed

NB: NEVER GET AVG!, when infected a virus can easily disable this program. AVG also got no or inefficent heuristic, it’s webshield is ineffective and nearly non-exsistent and it can only handle the least harmful viruses
Source 3 years off AVG and AVG reviews,

Too many fan boys here, let me make a more objective answer.

Free and Payed protection are nearly the same, free versions off a anti virus which can be bougth uses the same database and therefore catches the same viruses though additional features migth be added to the payed version.

A very good perhaps the best free protection Malware/Virus
Anti Virus:
-Avast(.com) on paper this is sligthly less effective then Avira, but when put to the test this performs better and it’s webshield and heuristics are amazing, heuristics being calculations or so done by the Anti Virus to catch threats which is not in their database.

Anti Malware/Spyware
-Malwarebytes(.com) very efficent malware removing tool, catches even the most harmful malwares
-SuperAntiSpyware(.com) sligth better detection rate then Malwarebytes but is not as capable removing very harmful malware/spyware so using both off these is a must

Very good pay’d Suite
-Kaspersky Internet Security (kaspersky.com), this is perhaps one off the best suites aviable, I am a kaspersky fan and to be honest it’s virus detection isn’t great but with advanced heuristics, and alot off options and features this falls near the top
-Eset Smart Security (Eset.com) This is a very lowed security suite, it features the same as it’s anti virus nod32 but is enhanced with a firewall, on paper this is off poor quality but does perform fine, I suggest getting NOD32, disable Windows Firewall and download Comodo’s firewall
-Avast Pro or wtf they call it:) (Avast.com) I have always hated this program, but I am starting to like it, as I promised to be objective I will tell right away this is a highly efficent suite, it provides a comprehensive web shield, which outperforms Avira, it doesn’t demand a lot off memory and is pure effective, this is just as good as KIS or Eset, perhaps Kaspersky has more advanced Heuristic but Avast is pretty good.

The programs listed above can also be bought as just anti virus, though then I recommend Eset or Avast.

Anti Malware/Spyware
Same as the ones I listed at the top, though Malwarebytes free and pro is basically the same, a few extra features in the PRO such as a real time scanner, though the real time scanner is proven to not be as effective as it’s on demand, as for SuperAntiSpyware I have no idea, but as the free and pro version works after the same database I suggest not paying for these programs unless you got the money to spare.

There are no the best programs, some programs may out perform programs which are better on paper, perhaps when it is used with another product, I did not list Norton, McAfee, Norman, AVG or any off these in this recommendation simply because they are all out performed by miles. Hope this list helped

Additional Protection:
There are many different threats out there, Anti Virus and Anti Spyware/Malware is no longer enough, with thousands off new viruses coming out every day, you will need additional protection.
First off you need a secure Web Browser, I recommend Firefox or Comodo Dragon which are all very safe programs, Comodo Dragon being a based on the Chromium engine being the only web browser to be unhacked (Google Chrome), this is the same browser though with enhanced Security from Comodo

A program I would recommend beside this is Sandboxie(.com), this program is a sandbox program which is a virtual envirnment, in other words a sealed safe which will handle programs within the sandbox. For example if you open your web browser in sandboxie and download a maliciou file, such as a rogue, the rogue may work and download programs within the sandbox, but cannot affect your PC in general, sandboxie also has a remove tool which allows you to remove the programs you have downloaded.

Unless you are using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 I also recommend disabling Windows Firewall and Download Comodo’s own firewall, though Window’s firewall receives good rating, Comodo’s firewall is a step ahead though you’re security will not be compromised by having Windows Firewall
Thanks for reading :), hope this helped
Glenn Thomas Jacobsen

Download Links
Free Anti Virus:


Payed Security Suites




Anti Spyware/Malware



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Question by strangehappenings: Supposed “Spyware Blocker” is taking over my computer, how do I get rid of it?
I probably downloaded a faulty song or music video from Limewire or something, and it installed this program (if you can call it that) on my computer. Two tray icons appear and every 2 seconds a balloon pops out of one of them telling me I’m infected with Trojans and need to download their software immediately by “clicking this baloon” (note the spelling on balloon). The other one sends me endless streams of pop-up ads, changes my homepage, redirects me from websites, and is incessant. I actually finally tried downloading the two programs so that the pop-ups would stop, and then I could uninstall the programs. That didn’t work. Even though I have the programs, I still get 948576935 pop-ups telling me to download the program quick or my computer will die! I already have Norton Antivirus and in fact, Norton has been blocking some attempts made by these programs. When I right click the tray icons to close them, their website pops up. How do I get rid of these incessant advertisements?

Best answer:

Answer by Anish D
Try the following free softwares to rid yourself of malware:

I prefer Avast, but AVG is just as great.

AVG AntiVirus


Avast Home Antivirus


You may also want some other tools to run and use as well



Spybot S&D


AVG AntiSpyware


Adaware (Lavasoft)


If you are currently having a problem:

◙ Download and install AVG. Use it first and see if it finds any viruses or trojans.

☞ http://free.grisoft.com/doc/1

◙ After running AVG go here and run this virus scanner online. There is no need to install it on your computer.


◙ Microsoft’s New Live Safety Center. Download this scanner to check and remove spyware, viruses, get rid of obsolete files and junk off your computer, and improve your PCs performance.

☞ http://safety.live.com/site/en-us/defaul…

◙ The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks computers running Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 for infections by specific, prevalent malicious software—including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom—and helps remove any infection found. When the detection and removal process is complete, the tool displays a report describing the outcome, including which, if any, malicious software was detected and removed. You can run this tool online FREE.


◙ Before downloading email attachments in Gmail and Yahoo Mail click on the link that says, “Scan With Norton Antivirus”.

◙ Before downloading any software from the internet type it into http://groups.google.com/ to see if that title is known for spyware or viruses. Google Groups has over 1 billion posts spanning 25 years to help you. Even after checking it there ALWAYS scan it before opening it. You just can’t be too careful. — Smart Computing Magazine

◙ A lot of the download sites like http://www.download.com/ and http://www.tucows.com/ scan software before releasing it to the public. But just for safety sake you should still scan it yourself.

◙ Here is a really great article on browser hijacking. This will show you how to get rid of it. There is a tutorial and software to get rid of part of it. You’ll need to make some changes to your computer’s registry to get rid of the rest of it. Click on the chatroom link on their main page if you need help.

☞ http://www.spywareinfo.com/articles/hija…

◙ Here is Yahoo!’s Internet Security section.

☞ http://security.yahoo.com/

◙ Below is Mcafee’s Site Adviser. Type in a URL in the form here and you will find out if the site you want to go to is known for phising (getting your personal info under false pretenses), viruses, spyware, and many other things. You can use the tool on their site or download an program to do that.

☞ http://www.siteadvisor.com/

◙ Get more information at these PC Magazine Web sites.

☞ http://www.pcmag.com/
☞ http://www.smartcomputing.com/

◙ Top 100 Computer & Software Magazines.

☞ http://netvalley.com/top100mag.html……..


◙ Sometimes you’ll get a particularly nasty virus that cannot be removed with conventional tools. For times like these you can (quite often not always) download a removal tool for that specific virus. Below are some sites you should look at.

☞ http://www.grisoft.com/doc/utilities/ing…
☞ http://www.symantec.com/security_respons…
☞ http://www.bitdefender.com/site/download…

◙ Below is a tool called “Stinger” that Mcafee put together with all 54 of it’s tools in it.

☞ http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/…………

◙ GLOBAL VIRUS ALERT — The latest virus outbreak alerts from F-Secure, Trend Micro, Panda, and Sophos. Each anti-virus fighter is reporting the state of the Virus Battles on its front, which reflects a unique customer and geographic profile.

☞ http://www.trimmail.com/news/tools/#glob…

◙ Add free virus alerts to your web site.

☞ http://www.trendmicro.com/syndication/vi…
For Trojans try these ( free to try),






And always scan once a week with these free and trusted scanners as well if you go to gaming sites and porn and etc.







First, you need anti-virus software – download, install and update AVG anti-virus (it’s free for personal use) – you can find it here – http://free.grisoft.com/doc/1

Then remove your System Restore points (viruses love to hide in the System Restore files), but be aware that if you do remove your existing Restore Points you will not be able to “roll back” your computer to a previous configuration. To find out how to disable System Restore see this page – http://www.pchell.com/virus/systemrestor…

Just to be sure you don’t have other malware on your computer I recommend that you download SpyBot Search & Destroy and Adware – both are free spyware/adware detection and removal software.

Next, start the computer in Safe Mode – (as the comptuer is starting up, keep tapping the F8 key on your keyboard until you see a special start-up menu) – more on how to start in Safe Mode here – http://www.microsoft.com/resources/docum…

Using AVG – run a full system virus scan while in Safe Mode

After the viruses have been detected and removed, run SpyBot and AdAware (full system scans) then restart the comptuer, enable System Restore again and enjoy a virus-free computing experience.

If the problems are still there, try using MSCONFIG to help figure out how to manually disable the Trojan from starting up – see more about MSCONFIG here – http://netsquirrel.com/msconfig/………..

To help protect against malware you should install a firewall, Zone Alarm works perfectly well and is free – http://www.zonealarm.com/store/content/c…

Also, don’t forget to keep Windows up-to-date – using Microsoft Windows Update!

After following these instructions go to: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/must-read… they will help you for free, no credit card or personal information needed, and they will analyze Hijack This logs for you, to make sure that your computer is safe. HijackThis helps If persistent spyware is bogging down your computer, you might need HijackThis. The tiny program examines vulnerable or suspect parts of your system, such as browser helper objects and certain types of Registry keys. Pressing the Scan button generates a log of dozens of items, most of which are just customizations. Don’t check off an item and hit the Fix checked button unless you’re sure it’s malware. Clicking Info on selected item tells you why the entry was flagged as suspicious, but not whether it’s actually malware. To find that out, search the Web for that item’s name or go straight to a forum, such as SpywareInfo or Computer Cops. Saving the log creates a text document you can post to these forums.

The latest version adds powerful tools to the Config window. The process manager and hosts file editor help you excise virulent infections. The unique ADS Spy tool scans for alternate data streams, which some browser hijackers use to hide from spyware removers. The program still installs into whatever directory in which you unzip the file, which can make it hard to locate. HijackThis is a serious tool for any user who needs to root out a serious infestation, but wield it with caution. So, go to the site I gave you above, and they’ll help you step by step.
Free registry cleaners:
CCleaner does not specialise in cleaning the registry, it’s mostly used to speed up your computer by cleaning up your recycle bin, temp files/internet files, browsing history, application errors, log files and so on.. which frees up some space in your harddisk

I’ve tried these 10 free cleaners


I would recommend the following(click on the webpage and follow):

Free Windows Registry Repair(first one) – rather effective, the first scan i did after about a year showed over 500 problems with the registry, fixed them all

RegSeeker(2nd one) – fixed another 300 problems after using the previous one.

and like the two of them said, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and Abexo Free Registry Cleaner(30 day trial)

Just run them all that’ll fix most problems! But dont expect 100% fixes because programs might recreate registry entries when used and so a second scan might still show the same few errors. (ignore such errors)

those are all freeware, hope i’m of some help

P.S. First go to: http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/defau… Choose full service scan and let it install any active x components

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